Supporting SURVIVED


Author Ian T. Sebàs and Sebastian Books, publishers of SURVIVED Raw and Unedited, thank all for the support already received  toward the book.

And as they embark on another campaign, in aim to spread SURVIVED Raw and Unedited with the world, via motion picture, to uplift spirits and motivate others using the story of a boy who became a man,  despite being abandoned and faced with tremendous obstacles, the team behind the SURVIVED project ask for your continued support.

And in support of this goal and the fact that we have all overcome one ordeal or another, despite their differences,  the Author and Publishers ask kindly  that you like the page ‘Survived  Raw and Unedited‘ on Facebook and or sport one of their SURVIVED baseball caps to show that having a moment in life to reflect, share or simply learn from past ordeals has given us the bragging rights to SURVIVED, but moreover, the rights to make our triumph be an inspiration to others.


Supporting SURVIVED

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