Coming soon: SURVIVED – The Motion Picture

An innocent young boy is left to fend for himself in poverty-strickened, crime-filled Kingston, Jamaica, while an application for US residency, on his behalf, pends.

And with his only security being from criminals and predators,  abuse, shoot-outs, police raids and deaths were some of the grazes experienced, which made him hardened and fearless before migrating to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, his though-to-be safe haven.

But the survival skills learnt in feuding Kingston became just as necessary to have in poor, dirty, run-down Philly, and again the boy must find away to adulthood and to his dream of ‘a somebody’ without being killed or spending the rest of his life in the penal system.

Note: The advertised image is for demonstration purpose only, and may not necessarily be the official representation image of the film’s cover.


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