The Reel Preparation 13.03.2016


The Reel Preparation is the first of three films in reference to the book  SURVIVED Raw and Unedited and its author.

Unlike its future counterparts (The Documentary and The Movie), The Reel Preparation is an Ian T. Sebàs independent production which shows some personal ‘at home’ footages of the author,  raw and unedited interludes of comments and narration.

The documentary showcases a scene titled “Proclamation”  (waterfall, ducks in a pond against a clear Winter’s day as the author embraces nature and speaks in a mind-like setting.  Another scene is “Photoshoot” which shows and informs us on a save after a setback in the promotional campaign, it also takes us on a drive, a street by street journey through  parts of Switzerland  and the author meeting up with friends in discussion of the book, film  and documentary.

The final scene is “Reel Feedbacks”, featuring a number of video footages (some submitted): family, friends and fans commenting on and in anticipation of the book, its promotion and the filming plans.

Incredibly, this documentary was done with a single camera, no special lighting nor effects and with the aid of supporting music, it has been accomplished – “A successful and informative project”, described by the author, with a viewing time of 30 minutes and  32 seconds.

Premier: right here online March 13, 2016.

The Reel Preparation 13.03.2016

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